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About Ledison
Zhejiang Ledisong Optoelectronics Co., Ltd was founded in 2011, mainly produce photoelectric lighting products, high performance LED lamps, intelligent lighting and energy saving lighting products and so on. The luminous efficiency of the LED filament bulbs Ledison designs and produces can reach as high as 160LM/W, the CRI can be Ra95, it is the highest lumious efficiency and color rendering index LED lamp among the world for now. The usage and performance of the products developed by ledison reach the leading level at home.
Ledison attaches great importance to research and development and persists in the innovation of the technology, the core technology of our main products is self-developed by Ledison. There are professors and experienced management professionals in our management team. This team thus is well manned with experts in technology, management and economy. The management team is equipped with latest management theory, and is also equipped with full ERP manage system which confirm to the requirement of the IOS9000 quality management system. And ledison has passed the EU business community standard certification in 2014. Ledsison certified as National Hight-tech Enterprise in 2015.
Authorization & Usage of Patents
After 10 years close research, the ledison team finally invented the LED filament bulb.  This technology obtain 2 national invention patents, 6 utility patents, 13 appearance patents. And ledison also applied for the international patents, including that in the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, Canada, Austria, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and so on. And the patent filing among the 15 Subordinate countries of European Union. Up to now Ledison has obtained the international patents in Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, Russia, Korea, Kong Hong, Macao, and Taiwan.
Ledison has bobatined totally 63 patents includeing the pending patents in domestic, among them, Ledison has obtained 2 invention patents, 27 new utility patents, 15 appearance patents. The quantity of the invention patent will be refreshed again and again with our improvement of the technology.


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